Koh Chang Songkran Parade 2012

koh chang songkran parade

As with the past few years, Koh Chang has held its own Songkran celebration a week or two after the official Thai New Year holiday.   This happens in other places in Thailand, usually in areas that have a lot of descendents from Mon people – originally hailing from what is now Burma.   However, on Koh Chang the tradition is a bit more modern and practical – it is simply gives the locals and hotel workers a chance to enjoy Songkran, as they were busy working over the official public holiday to do so.

The theme this year, as in every previous year, was something to do with being eco-friendly, carbon neutral, saving the planet, going green, stopping global warming etc etc.   So basically just an excuse for resorts to put lots of foliage on their floats in order to make them ‘green’.   There seemed to be fewer vehicles in the parade this year and also fewer people out watching.   The parade does get promoted, but only on Koh Chang, and only on banners in Thai.   In fact, very few people apart from those taking part, knew anything about when the parade would start.

Not sure why many of the large resorts don’t take part, you’d think it would be good publicity for them.   This year I only saw floats from a handful of resorts   – off the top of my head the ones I remember seeing were Klong Prao Resort, Aana Resort, Amari Emerald Cove, Tropicana Resort to name but four, who perhaps coincidentally all had cute girls on their floats.

These photos from White Sand beach and Klong Prao, the parade kept going until Kai Bae but I had to get back home to wait for new customers to arrive.


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