Koh Chang Rotary Club 1st Anniversary (. . . with chicks on cars )

A Young Rotarian (?)

Oh, all of  sudden you’re interested in Rotary Club events . . .

Rotary clubs worldwide engage in all manner of fund raising activities for good causes.  And the Koh Chang Rotarians are no exception.  To celebrate their first anniversary a fund raising event was held to raise money for the local rescue organisation – who do a  good job picking up bodies when people have a scooter accidents or fishing them out of the water when they drown. 

So, a car audio show was held.  Car audio shows may not sound like the most lively of events.  But if you’re thinking this might entail a few bearded audiophiles discussing the relative merits of the latest Bose speakers with crystal clear surround sound, you’d be wrong.

At a Thai car audio show, loud is good and very loud is even better.  A car has limited space for speakers – a pick up truck offers a lot more space for sub-woofers and is therefore better.

But that still leaves you looking at a load of speakers whilst the distorted bass vibrates your brain to mush inside your skull.  And looking at speakers isn’t fun.  So, to liven things up a bit you need bikini clad girls dancing on top of the speakers systems in the flat bed of the pick up trucks.

There you go afund-raising event for all the family, providing the family like gyrating chicks, neon and a constant DUM, DUM, DUM-DUM at 100 decibels

Before you click on the video, turn your speakers down, phone cams don’t handle distorted noise too well.

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