That Was The Rainy Season That Was

Koh Chang Rainy Season

A brief summary of the rainy  / low / green season in pictures.

This is for the people who are put off coming to Koh Chang between June – october on the grounds that the weather forecast shows nothing but rain for 4 months.  ( It’s impossible to predict the weather so for 4 months you’ll see an icon that combines cloud, rain, sunshine and lightning.  And, to be fair, you can often get all this in the same day. )

It is pretty wet here during that time but it is rare to get several consecutive grey, miserable, wet days.  More commonly, you get heavy rain overnight or early morning.  By late morning the clouds clear.  Then the afternoons and evenings are dry.  Plus there are plenty of hot, sunny, dry days where the visibility is far better that most of the High Season and when you can find a kilometre of beach to yourself easily.

All photos below taken from June – September 2013.

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  • Yes. It’s been a very wet week. Got another couple of wet days ahead. Then it should get back to normal. During the rainy season you can’t guarantee good weather.

  • We have been here for a week now, (arrival 31st of July) but unfortunately we do not have the same experience as you did. Every day has been cloudy, lots of wind and rain and no swimming in the ocean. Water has been wild and brown coloured 😢

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