Paramotors Over Koh Chang

Koh Chang is starting to gewt a reputation as a place to visit if you have a microlight or paramotor.   Microlight planes from Pattaya often fly down here and land at the airstrip in Klong Prao and in early April it was the turn of a group of paramotor enthusiasts from Chiang Mai who loaded 9 or 10 paramotors into a truck and drove down here for a couple of days flying.

It made for an interesting, if   a bit loud, sight with formations of paramotors flying along the shoreline, some overhead, some at treetop height and some skimming the sea with the pilots feet in the water. ( One guy came to a sudden halt outside Klong prao Resort whilst doing this – as sea spray and engines aren’t a good mix.)

If there were hordes of people flying every day then the noise would get on my nerves, but once in a while it’s fun to see.

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