Koh Chang Landslide Photos

On 10 October is began raining around 5pm, that night there was heavy, but not exceptionally so, rain falling continuously until around 10am. Sometime in the early morning, around 5am, there was a large landslide on the hill above White Sand beach. Mud and rock slid down the hillside and destroyed part of a small resort called Little Chang bungalows. One staff member died and another was trapped and eventually taken by helicopter to the mainland for treatment.

There were several other smaller landslides in addition to the main one and the cumulative effect was a blocked road, around 30 electricity poles collapsing – leading to the power being out on the west coast for 36 hours – and a flood of mud running down the main road making a bit of a mess of a several businesses in the area.

On the beach the debris washed down by the run off, coupled with high waves has left the sand looking less than attractive.

Elsewhere on the west coast things weren’t too bad. Some flooding but no serious landslides and the south of Koh Chang received far less rain than the north.   But this large landslide follows the smaller ones that cut off the south of the island in July 2010.

21 October – Quick Update:   Beautiful sunny day today.   Pen’s   Bungalows and Star Beach open as normal.   Little Chang and Independent Bo still closed.   In the pics below you’ll see a notice in Thai which is stapled to the front of Independent Bo’s.   It says no-one is allowed into Little Chang or Independent Bo without permission of the local authorities on the grounds that there is a risk of further damage from landslides or collapsed buildings.   This is effective from 11-25 October.   So next week will have to see if any rebuilding work starts.


  • There was heavy rain and a landslide in September. A 30 meter stretch of road over the big hill near White Sand beach was damaged. But the road hasn’t been closed. It is open as normal with one short stretch down the one lane.

    Lots of Thai visitors on the island now for the long weekend holiday.

  • Not sure this thread is still alive – as it dates to October 2010 – 12 years ago. But I have heard from my Thai wife and her family that there have been landslides closing the road from the port to Had Sai Khao in the last few days. We’re booked to check in, in a weeks time, will speak to Cookies tomorrow, but any advice would be good. Love Ko Chang, stayed there in 1994 when Cookies was a 20B hut on the beach deal.

  • Hi Fiona – Just pointing out what the official sign stapled outside Independent Bo’s, at the front, on the right hand side near the large rock, says.

    Quite clearly states that no one allowed inside until 25th October, you can see the yellow and black tape that was used to cordon the front off has been broken and is lying on the sand under the sign.

    If the owners / guests choose to ignore the sign – which is easy to miss and only in Thai, then that is up to them. But hopefully the bungalows will be rebuilt and things can get back to normal for High Season as it’s a unique place on Koh Chang.

  • Independent Bo is NOT CLOSED. Only the bungalows n the Chang Bar side are damaged. The rest are ok. The staff are working hard on a salvage and clearing operation and customers are welcome.
    I am no geologist but it strikes me that now the water has found its way down further landslides close to the big would seem highly unlikely. If I didn’t believe this sincerely I would not still be staying there!
    Thanks to everyone for their messages of support.

  • Hi K. Earth. No problem. The weather is very good here today. No floods. You will see some damage on the road over thew big hill between the ferry pier and White Sand beach, but no problem to drive here.

  • can I go to changpark resort on Kai Bae beach this weekend 21-23 oct? is it safe now?
    thank you


  • I still haven’t had time to go and take any more photos. Been busy with builders, our guests and a couple of other things.

  • Is there an update showing how badly independent Bo was hit?, would really like to see pictures from the other side of the rock. just trying to picture the damage that was made to Bo’s place?

  • What the fuck!!! Heard about mr. Chang… Hope everyone is dealing with the grief allright. And now this… ~Coming again in february… Any help needed…? See you soon. XBas.

  • Will do Polly. Weather has been bad for the past couple of days and there’s still strong waves and high tides plus I’ve been busy painting our guesthouse, so not had time to go to White Sand again. Will do within the next 2-3 days if I can.

  • i also must agree with fia, good site and thank you for information, we would be very grateful if you would keep us updated, we cant get out there until december.

  • I really like to thank you for the news and also a very good koh chang site and you place seems really nice !!

  • Fiona and the Crew are doing well but 8 Bungalows are damaged or destroyed. These are the ones on the right hand side (looking from the beach) above the Rock. All Bungalows next to and above the Bar and Living Room on the left (towards Rock Sand) are not impacted.

  • Independent Bo is OK I think. Although the tide was very high so I didn’t walk round to take pics. It looks like at least one of their bungalows was destroyed – the word ‘Independent’ visible on the uppermost bungalow in the photos. If I get time in the next day or two I’ll take a walk in the morning when it is low tide.

  • how badly hit was independant bo. please can you keep us updated.lots of people are very worried.they are our extended family.

  • I walked through KC Grande and it was fine. The only slight damage was from the run off was near the cheaper beachfront bungalows. Just some of the garden eroded and a couple of concrete paths need fixing but nothing that can’t be done quickly.

  • Hi Ian,

    Thanks for sharing this news with lots of visable content.
    Shows people again that the forces of nature are strong.

    Did it hit KC Grande as well?
    Planning on going there in feb 2011…

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