Koh Chang’s Home For Retired Elephants

koh chang elephants

This is something I found which will appeal to anyone with a sense of humour and whimsy. A home for retired elephants on Koh Chang . . .

Each  Koh Chang Elephant has its own history and is now in retirement on Koh Chang. He/she is specially chosen by Kingphant to join the group.  Each elephant  has had a hard life, is unique and was always alone. Their life was lonely and hard work. They have no family and are now together as a  new family. They hope to spend a long time in their new surroundings. It is now time for peace, a chat with others  and visitors.

The retired elephants have now found a home at Rock Sand Resort on White Sand Beach, where they seem to being enjoying receiving plenty of attention from guests and visitors. Hopefully the owners of Rock Sand will be able to find more space to take in other elephants with interesting stories to tell.

Find out more about Rambophant, Spacephant, Kateoyphant, Kingphant and the rest of the gang, and how they came to be on Koh Chang at:

( Nice to see something fun, offbeat & unique at a resort on Koh Chang.)

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