Minutes of Fun at the Cambodian Trade Fair

Crowd surfing wasn’t on the agenda for Buriram’s equivalent of Robbie Williams as he took to the stage on Koh Chang.

Songkran is over but for anyone on Koh Chang who is still in a party mood the Cambodian Trade Fair* is   currently on at a plot of empty land in Klong Prao. (* Not it’s real name but that’s what the locals call it.)

There’s something for everyone – live music courtesy of a man with   a backing track;   shopping   – for fruit, fried insects, cheap costume jewellery and small bags of detergent;   games of chance;   games of skill with a range of Hello Kitty & Doraemon toys up for grabs;   a motorbike ‘Wall of Death’; unwanted babies with ‘Dual Cambodian/Thai citizenship guaranteed or your money back’ for sale and a deformed animal freakshow.   All guaranteed to keep bored, upcountry workers amused for hours and tourists amused for minutes.

It’s on from a couple of days ago until the novelty wears off and the masses get bored.


  • Thanks Joe. I try to bring you the delights of Koh Chang that other websites, for some reason, fail to highlight.

  • Next year we’ll be sure to plan our Thailand trip to coincide with the Cambodian Trade Fair. It looks like something we would always remember. Thanks for bringing us these exciting moments.

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