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The Build Up to ‘Oversong on the Beach’ Concert on Koh Chang

Tomorrow, March 31, at 4pm sees the start of the biggest concert ever to take place on Klong Prao beach.   The weirdly named ‘Oversong on the Beach’   I don’t know what an over song is but I can only assume that in Thinglish it has a good meaning.

Anyway the past few days there has been a flurry of activity at The Hut, where the concert is taking place.   And if it’s one thing that Thais tend to do very well it’s organise outdoor concerts. Live music is a big business here and the climate makes it ideal for bands to tour small outdoor venues year round. If you get the chance to go and see any of the better known Thai indie, rock, ska or reggae bands play then do so, you might not know what they are singing about but you are guaranteed a good night out.

Today there has been   a procession of trucks carrying equipment, people, a fair bit of beer down past our place to The Hut.   Most guests will be brought over to the site by a novel bridge plus raft combination that has been built this week at the mouth of the river.

The concert features Pod, the lead singer of Moderndog – very famous Thai indie band, Koh Mr Saxman – best known sax player in the country, Sixty Miles – mellow, laid back Thai pop – think a slightly poppier Jack Johnson combo plus some ska & reggae and a DJ or two along with the house bands from Sabuy Bar and Oodies on White Sand beach.

The promo video:

A few pics of where the concert will be held:

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