Bangbao Pier Gets a Roof

Bangbao pier Koh Chang

A couple of months ago work on adding a roof to the walkway along Bangbao pier began.  The roof stretches the length of the narrow old pier – about 350 metres and a second wider roof will be built over half of the newer extended pier.  I think the idea is to protect visitors from the elements as they shop or walk got to & from the dive and snorkelling boats which use Bangbao as a pier.

Make your own mind up as to whether this adds to the appeal of the traditional fishing village or  not.  Personally, i think the roof over the narrow, old section will just result in a humid, airless corridor.  Whereas the  wider,  roof over the newer section of the pier, from what I can see so far, looks more tastefully done.

Work should all be completed by the start of the next High Season.



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