Baby Elephant Born on Koh Chang

Photos of a cute baby elephant when he was two days old.  Born at Baan Chang Thai elephant camp in Klong Prao.   Visitors are welcome to go along to meet Mum and her son and make a small donation to feed them.

Baan Chang Thai elephant camp in Klong Prao, Koh Chang has a pretty good record when it comes to having elephant calves born there.   The most recent arrival popped into the world early morning on 3 January 2010.   These photos were taken when he was about 48 hours old.   He can suckle from his mother and walk, albeit it in a wobby, uncoordinated manner.   But he’s still trying to figure out what the long dangly thing in the middle of his face is for.


  • Susan:

    He, and not she, was not put in any crush cage, ever, Naam Suk is happily living with his mother, presently in Surin, see

    Theres a big gap between reality, and politics and propaganda.
    But then again, some people prefer to lie, and live in a world they constructed, rather than in the real one. And by doing so, they often try to manipulate other people to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas.

    The film Lek is constantly showing is already some years old.
    And it doesn’t reflect a normal training for a baby elephant.

  • Beautiful little baby, What a shame that she will shortly be put in a crush cage and tortured for at least 3 days and made to trek which is a horrible life for an elephant. LEK, (Owner of the elephant nature park) constantly helps heal trek elephants and once healed they are returned to work. or Worse, Sold to a zoo and then they are tortured daily to perform unnatural tricks. See what they beat those animals with? A steel hook! It is so sad to consider the fate of the great elephant. We won’t even think about the ivory poacher.

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