Nothing to do with Koh Chang . . . but a concert in Hua Hin

Yes that is the original ‘Wonderwoman’ on the big screen . . .

A friend had VIP tickets for a concert at Dusit Thai Hua Hin recently, so I tagged along.   The Heineken sponsored ‘Shoot the Music’ was overseen by arty Thai movie director Pen Ek Ratanaruang ( give him a Google ) and featured various Thai singers plus Babyface who’s been know to churn out a few decent tunes in his time.

The pictures aren’t great which is mainly Heineken’s fault as I had 1,000 Baht of free beer to drink which doesn’t sound too much but it is when a half litre glass is 100 Baht.   Highlight was Babyface’s rocking version of If I could Change the World – you know the song, Eric Clapton covered it in the early 90s plus there was also an arty movie from Pen Ek than no-one seemed to comprehend, which is how I know it was artistic and not merely crap. Plus a little joke when the audience was led to believe that a roadie had been electrocuted on stage and the whole place was circuited.   Almost inducing mass panic into a few thousand people is my kind of humour.

At the end of the night the Heineken girls were offering breathalyser tests for anyone who wanted to know how much over the limit they were before they drove home.   I saw one guy manage to break the machine. He blew into it, it beeped, he stopped blowing – as as normal, then the number on the dial just kept rising, past the 80 legal limit, eventually hit 400, the screen went blank and the word ‘Error’ popped up. Needless to say he got a round of applause from onlookers and some worried looks from Miss Heineken.

If you ever get the chance to go to a big Thai concert you should, even if you haven’t a clue who the singers are, always a good atmosphere, good sound, lots of cheap food & beer and a few laughs.   See for details of upcoming bands etc

So a few pics . . .

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