Old Koh Chang

The Reality of Postcard Views of Koh Chang – Part 1

Postcards from Koh Chang

Postcards from Koh Chang

A friend, Skipper, who’ve I’ve never met but who I’ve been in touch with for a few years, first by email and now on Facebook sent me an old postcard of Koh Chang.  He bought it whilst he was on the island several years ago.  But looking at it, the actual photo was taken years earlier.

So I had the idea to go and take a photo from the same spot today to compare how the view has changed.  This then led to the idea of looking for more postcards with outdated photos and seeing how they compared to what you see today.

First problem was finding a shop that might sell outdated postcards.  Fortunately, this wasn’t too hard as V-Mart Supermarket is a great source for all things expired. Including postcards.  So I picked up a handful of them.  This first batch is from Kai Bae and Lonely Beach.  Next time I might wait until a sunnier day. :-)

Postcard 1

Siam Bay Resort Postcard

Siam Bay Resort.  This is the card Skipper sent me from thew US. The photo must have been taken 20 years ago as the view is now blocked by other bungalows and tall mature trees.   The bungalows themselves haven’t changed at all – apart from a coat of paint.  New bungalows have been built directly in front of the spot where this was taken.  And the trees almost hide the bungalows from view.  Plus there are mangroves by the shoreline which also block out more of the view.

Postcard 2 & 3

Old Kai Bae Beach Postcard


Old Kai Bae Beach Postcard

Porn’s Bungalows .  The restaurant has been rebuilt a couple of times over the years and whilst the bungalows at Porn’s have been upgraded and rebuilt it still remains one of the more laid back places to stay on Kai Bae beach.  ( And the restaurant is as good as ever. )  The noticeable difference in the photos is the lack of sand on the beach.  This happens at various times of year, the sand is deposited and then washed away.  Recently there have been more waves than normal and sand on all beaches has disappeared.  It will be back in a couple of months.

Postcard 4

Old Kai Bae Beach Postcard

Chang Park Resort.  The large coconut field gives it away – that’s still there today which is probably the best feature of the resort.  However, the wooden bungalows by the pool are now hidden behind plants and trees.  The front row of trees has also been removed in order to make the beach area wider.  And the spot from where the photo was taken is now inside the neighbouring White Knot Resort – which is why I’m much closer to the pool in the pics than the original photographer was.

Postcard 5

Lonely Beach Postcard

Lonely beach.  Back when it was lonely.  Nature Beach Resort was just backpacker huts and hadn’t moved upmarket at all.  It was just as basic as the neighbouring Siam Hut.  Siam Hut is easily recognisable as the bungalows haven’t changed at all.  I doubt any maintenance has been done on them for the past decade or so.

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