Old Koh Chang

Koh Chang Now & Then – Part 2

View from our house in 2004

A few more pictures taken back in the old days compared to the views today ( Or in 2014 when this post was originally written ).  Most of the big changes have been along the roadside. i.e. in places that you never think of photographing until you notice how much they’ve changed, by which time it’s too late.


Some places haven’t really changed over the years.  For example, Baan  Kwan Chang elephant camp in Klong Son.  10 years ago the camp had six elephants, now there are ten.  Apart from that things are pretty much the same up there.   Looking at these photos I had to double check to see which I took recently and which almost a decade ago.

Elephant camp

Kai Bae was the first place we stayed when we came to Koh Chang.  I had more interesting photos than this, but looks like they have mostly been lost in hard drive crashes over the years.  This is the view from outside KB Resort looking towards the small harbour, which was used by fishermen and is now used for Kai Bae Hut’s speedboats.  nearby I remember the area that is now Nang Nual Resort was home to more fishermen and an ice factory.  The ice was used to chill the fisherman’s catch, but in the days before 7-elevens it was a good place to buy ice cheaply.

Kai Bae

KP Huts has been around for 20 years.  Originally set up by a local guy who worked in the National Park.  He sold his vast plot of land to people from Bangkok who despite having the ideal spot for a luxury resort have continued to run it as a basic bungalow resort.  Half the huts still don’t have en-suite bathrooms and all are wooden.  Over the years the beachfront huts have all been rebuilt.  The bungalows at the rear were put up around 10 years ago and apart from having the roofs changed, are still pretty much the same.

KP Huts

One of the places we used to go to walk the dog when he was young was the beach in Klong Son.  Back then it was totally deserted, with just the remains of an old bungalow resort , Premwadee Resort, at the far north end of the beach.  The area behind the beach was mostly mangrove swamp which flooded in the rainy season.  The land was then sold to a housing developer from Pattaya and is now the site of the Siam Royal View development.  As the houses are set back from the beach, the view hasn’t changed too much, the only noticeable difference is that many of the coconut palms have gone.  The large mangrove swamp is now a par 3 pitch & putt course.

Klong Son

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