Old Koh Chang

Koh Chang Now & Then – Part 1

View from our house in 2004

I thought that as we’d been on the island for over 10 years it’d be good to start a monthly feature where I sit back in my armchair, flick through a tattered photo album and ramble on to anyone within earshot about how things have changed  for the worse.

However, as that doesn’t make for a good web based experience,  I’ll be trawling my hard drive for photos and then taking the same view today. ( And of course rambling on about how things have changed -for the worse. )  I’ll try to keep a 10 year or so gap between the photos.

Quite a few photos from the early years of our time here have disappeared due to various hard drive crashes, lack of back-ups and other balls ups – some technical, many human.  Also, like many people I tended to take photos of beaches and sunsets.  And to be honest they don’t really change much over the years.

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First one I’ve chosen is the site of what was going to be our original bungalows on Koh Chang.  We rented this land in Bailan for 30,000 Baht / year and had a plan to build a few bungalows and coffeeshop / internet cafe there.  Those were the days when an internet cafe was a viable business. However, we ended up buying our current place by the river instead  – and scrapped those plans.  Now it’s a builders’ merchant.

old koh chang


Another place we looked at renting was a small coffeeshop at the north end of Klong Prao beach.  it looked like an area that may well get much busier.  By the time we’d got round to discarding the idea of renting it, the area was being redeveloped. It’s now home to VJ Plaza.  The coffeeshop was just off the road at the rear of what is now Siam Commercial Bank.

 old koh chang

Finally, this was the bungalow we first stayed in when we came to Koh Chang , initially for a holiday from Bangkok in August 2003 – at KB Resort in Kai Bae.  Back then it was a small, laid back family run place.  From memory, this room was 400 Baht / night.   It’s a bit more expensive now and has a new hotel block which caters mainly to Russian visitors.  But it’s surprising how little the old bungalows have changed.

old koh chang




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