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Koh Ngam, Koh Mai See Yai By Sea Kayak

Who needs a GPS when you can simply point

Who needs a GPS when you can simply point

Koh Ngam and Koh Mai See Yai by sea kayak.   What you’ll need . . . a free day, a vehicle of some kind, quite a few bottles of water and a willingness to paddle across open water in an area where no-one will hear you scream should you capsize.

The route. Get in your vehicle – I opted for a 4WD pick-up but you may prefer a small automatic scooter – 200 baht/day to rent. Head way down to the end of the road / dirt track in the south west of the island to Sea Breeze Restaurant which is located opposite Koh Ngam. This shack in the middle of nowhere has Feelfree sea kayaks to rent for a very reasonable 250 baht/day. Get in your kayak & paddle. Simple.

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