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A Few New Koh Mak Photos

When dinosaurs ruled Koh Mak

I had to take a little trip to Koh Mak this week, part business but mainly pleasure if you were interested. But I had time to ride around the island and only slightly damage a borrowed scooter whilst snapping away merrily.  In this gallery there are only a couple of beach photos – the rest are of other things you can see on the island.

Probably the main change I noticed was that there is a lot of land being cleared at the moment.  Not for tourism but for rubber farming.  Swathes of old trees are being cut down and new saplings planted.  This is in response to the rising cost of rubber and the fact that it is a very good business to be in.  So, another thing you notice as you ride around the island is the smell of latex in the air.

Koh Mak is changing & developing slowly but it is still a sleepy little haven away from the traffic, noise and construction that lines Koh Chang’s beaches and west coast road.Good place to go for an inactivity break. 

(Pic above is of a toy I found washed up on a deserted beach, not a real dinosaur.)

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