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Koh Kood By Scooter

Koh Kood by Scooter

I’ve added a few galleries of photos from Koh Kood over the years.  It’s a great island to visit if you love nature, peace and quiet, crystal clear water and deserted beaches.  But it is too quiet for some people and you can find yourself stuck in your resort.  It’s far too large for you to be able to walk from beach to beach easily.  The solution is to rent a scooter, but not everyone likes to rent scooters or wants to learn whilst on holiday.

The good news is that Koh Kood is the best island in Thailand to discover by scooter.  Partly because there’s virtually no traffic and partly because it’s a large island with loads of places to explore.

There are some good concrete roads plus all manner of tracks, trails and paths that can be ridden along.  No need for an off-road bike, an automatic scooter will do the job.  Although on some of the sand tracks near the beaches or the trails through the jungle, having a motocross bike would make life much easier.

I always stay in the Klong Chao area of the island.  There’s a good choice of locally owned, mid-price bungalows by the river here and it’s only a few minutes walk to the beach.  Plus mini-marts and cheap restaurants, cafes etc nearby.  On the beach you’ll find some of the island’s best resorts  Tinkerbell, High Season, Wendy and Peter Pan.

So here are some photos of life on the open road, Koh Kood style.  Bear in mind these photos were taken at Christmas. It’s usually not this busy on the roads.

“Born to be Wild Mild”


  • Hi Ian, thanks for the encouragement. I have a motorcycle license, but several years have passed, since I’ve ridden. Koh Kood sounds like the perfect place to get “back in the saddle”.

  • Hi Phineas. Last time I went I got one from Mark House, next to the road bridge in Klong Chao. They had quite a few for rent in pretty good condition.

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