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Koh Kood in Photos (Part 2)

koh kood beach resort

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More from Koh Kood.   Getting to the island is gradually getting easier.   There are no vehicle ferries but speedboats run from Koh Chang and Koh Mak several times a day during high Season and there are also speedboat services from the mainland at Laem Sok.   From Koh Chang a speedboat ticket will set you back 900 Baht.You can save a little by taking the wooden boat to Koh Mak and then speedboat to Koh Kood.

A cheaper but also fast service from the mainland is the once a day Nimmungorn Express boat which costs 350 Baht and takes around the same time as a 600 Baht/person speedboats which run this route. The ticket price also includes transfer to Trat town from the pier.

The lack of cheap transport to the island has meant that there isn’t much of a backpacker scene on Koh Kood.   No loud bars or beach parties there.     But if you want to stay cheaply then check out the area around the Klong Chao estuary.   Here you will find several budget options which are very popular with Thai groups at the weekends and long holidays but almost deserted the rest of the time.   Midweek, figure on 500 Baht/night for AC room with shared bathroom or 1,000 – 1,500 baht maximum for an ensuite AC bungalow in a quiet spot by the river. nearby the small sunset bar, in a converted fisherman’s house is a nice spot to watch the sun go down.

If you want a scooter these are around 300 Baht / 24 hours rental and there is a gas station on the island in just north of the hospital a couple of kilometres from Klong Chao where you can fill up. There are no really big hills but there are some steep sections. The best stretch of road is in the southern half of the island where there is a very scenic undulating road to Ao Yai fishing village.   This is more of a village for deep sea fishermen, it’s all trawlers and karaoke.   If you want a more scenic fishing village,Ao Salad at the north-east of the island is the better option to visit.

Also worth mentioning that there are no entry fees to the waterfalls on the island as Koh Kood isn’t a National Park.   ( In the future this also means that it may well end up being a more developed island than Koh Chang, where 70+% of the land mass is National Park. )

More random images. Hover over the thumbnail for a brief description.   Just added a third gallery of Koh Kood photos as I was back on Koh Kood again the following week.

Koh Kood Photo Gallery 3

Koh Kood Photo Gallery 4

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