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Koh Kood in Photos (Part 1)

koh kood waterfall

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It isn’t often that I get time to go down to Koh Kood but as I was given a good deal on a room at Away Resort it was worth leaving the guesthouse behind on Koh Chang and heading down there for a couple of days of riding around on a scooter and taking a few photos.

It is a lovely island – as you will see from the pictures.   But if you do stay there the main thing to remember is to choose your resort carefully, many are easily accessible by boat – as they have their own piers –   but are a nightmare to get to by land, as they lie at the end of long dirt tracks.   This makes getting out of the resort and to the main road pretty difficult even by scooter and when you are at the main road there is very little in the way of small restaurants or shops close by.

You may well find yourself eating in the resort or a neighbouring resort on the same beach far more often on Koh Kood than you would on Koh Mak or Koh Chang.

There is also no public transport, no ATMs, no tour agents offices, no tailors shops, no internet cafes ( aside from one cheap government place) and no souvenir shops.   Which all makes for a very nice island experience if you are the type of visitor who either just wants to laze on a white sand beach all day or enjoys getting out and exploring by scooter, which I’d definitely recommend as there is very little traffic.

The photos are pretty random. Hover over the thumbnail for a brief description. Two sets here and two on the next page of Koh Kood pics

Koh Kood Photo Gallery 1

Koh Kood Photo Gallery 2



  • Thanks Ian,

    That sounds good. Our plan is to go to Koh Kood first, then to Koh Chang, then back to Suvarnabhumi for our flight home.

    I’m guessing getting to Koh Chang from Koh Kood will be pretty simple then, but do you know which is the quickest way to get to Koh Kood from the mainland? I’m struggling to make sense of the conflicting info I’ve seen so far on the web.

    Also, I’ve read you can get minibus transfers from Koh Chang that go direct to the airport. Our flight home leaves Suvarnabhumi at 20.00 ish, so I’d like to get to the airport for about 17.00 or earlier just to be on the safe side. If we took one of the transfers, do you expect that we’d get there on time? Are they reliable?

    Many thanks for your help.


  • Hi Andrew
    Easy to split your time between the two. There’s no reason not to. There are regular boats from Koh Chang and from Koh Kood you can go straight back to the mainland, no need to backtrack to Koh Chang. Kai Bae Hut speedboat run a 9am boat that will drop you off at your hotel on Koh Kood around 1030 – 1100. They pick you up from your hotel on Koh Chang by pick up truck and take you to the boat. On Koh Kood almost all resorts have their own pier so boats drop off at resorts. You just walk down the pier to reception. Easy.

  • Hi Ian,

    My family and I are planning a visit to the area this coming April. We only have 7 nights, and are not sure whether to spend all of our time on Koh Chang, or to split our time between Koh Kood (3 nights) and Koh Chang (4 nights).

    I know these things are always a personal preference, but do you have any thoughts on the pro’s / cons of each choice?

    I think I’d prefer to split the time, but don’t know how much of a hassle it is to get from one island to another with luggage in tow!

    Excellent site by the way, really useful info.


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