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Koh Kham – Under Construction

A couple of years ago the private island of Koh Kham, just off the northwest of Koh Mak was sold.   This beautiful little island was famous amongst travellers for the black volcanic boulders that littered the small white sand beach.   Budget beach bungalows were also available at Koh Kham Resort which offered a real ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience for guests.

But that has all changed. The island is now being developed into an enclave of million dollar villas.   Due to the limited area that can be developed these are being crammed into a relatively small area and appear to resemble large rabbit hutches.

It’ll be interesting to see what it looks like when it is completed as the architect is well known for producing some beautifully designed buildings, so there is some hope it won’t be a real eyesore.

Visitors to the island are still welcome and you can pay 80 Baht to go ashore.   But what’s the point? If you want to swim with concrete debris around you and sandbags on the beach you can do that anywhere.

The photo at the top of this page was taken in 2007.   The one below from almost the same spot in November 2010.   Spot the difference?


  • I spent a week there in 2005, and loved the place. I wanted to go back but i am glad is was warned against it. How can they?

  • What a shame !!!
    one of the most idyllic and peacefull places in thailand are being spoiled again
    this happenned also in koh chang 10 years ago and on koh mak 5 years ago

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