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Salakkok – Where Time Stands Still

Whilst the west coast of koh Chang has undergone dramatic changes in the past 10 – 15 years and once sleepy villagers have now become overrun with tourists, it’s good to discover that there are still some places on the island which , aside from a few satellite dishes and 32″ flat screen TVs haven’t changed.

For a glimpse of hos Koh Chang used to look, Salakkok is the best place to visit.  You’ll need your own transport to get here as there are only very infrequent public taxis heading down this way.  Most people who come here head to Salakok Seafood Restaurant, which is the community’s tourist attraction.  It’s run by the villagers and the fish and seafood served is caught by people living nearby.  You can also hire kayaks to paddle through the mangroves into the bay or have your meal on a wooden gondola which is paddled by one of the villagers.

There’s nothing much to see aside from normal life – and that’s the attraction.  So if you want to see how the locals lived in on the west of the island, before the advent of tourism, it’s worth taking a look along the two wooden walkways that pass by fishermen’s homes.  Most are open at the front – so it’s a bit weird walking past someone’s living room or bedroom.  The island’s only boatyard where wooden fishing boats are repaired is also there.




  • Your options are to rent a taxi privately. Or rent a car and drive yourself. Or take a tour around the island which includes a stop at Salakkok. Tickets for tours are around 1,000 Baht per person. Book at any tour agency on the island.

  • This sounds great. I read that the Salak Phet taxi from the pier (3x daily) does NOT stop here either so what would be transportation options without hiring a motorbike? Appreciate your help.

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