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Koh Chang Wallpaper – an Easter Present

I get a few people asking about the photos they see on this site and I am always happy to send people copies if they want to use one for wallpaper on their computer to remind them of the island. I’ve also occasionally sent people better quality versions of photos that they can print out.   The most recent example of this is the Kai Bae Sunset above which is hanging in the bathroom of a Las Vegas apartment.   ( Download the large version here )

So a few pics I have taken with links to larger versions that you can download and use as wallpaper on your PC or Ipad thingy to get you in the mood for a trip to KC. ( Right click the link and then ‘Save’ or ‘Save As’ to download the large size photo )

Koh Yuak – off the west coast of Koh Chang ( Download )

Elephant at Baan Kwan Chang Camp, Klong Son ( Download )

Ferry to Koh Chang ( Download )

Koh Kra – near Koh Rang ( Download )

View towards White Sand Beach, from Saffron on the Sea ( Download )

The beach on Koh Klum ( Download )

Sunset on Klong Prao beach ( Download )

Koh Rayang – private island with one small resort ( Download )

White Sand Beach ( Download )


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