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Koh Chang Sunsets – August 2011

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The rainy season may be pretty rainy but it is also the time of yea when, when the clouds do part,   the skies are at their clearest and you can take much better landscape photos than you can during the main tourist season when the sky tends to be a bit hazy and really good sunsets are a rarity.

Anyone who has taken the chance on visiting Koh Chang in the past couple of weeks will have had the good fortune to see some of the best sunsets of the year.   Probably the best of the year to date, was on 24 August – the one above.   If you click that pic you will get a much bigger ‘screenful of awesomeness’™ version.

The photos below were all taken within the space of a couple of weeks in mid August, mostly from near our house in Klong Prao and a few from the Kai Bae viewpoint. Not every night had a great sunset but there were several good ones.

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