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Who’s Pool is This? A Secret Waterfall in Klong Son

waterfall - Koh Chang

2023 Update. This post dates from 2014.  The track leading to the pool is now almost impossible to spot , let alone follow.  I haven’t been up there for a few years.


It’s always fun to head out on the scooter and along dirt tracks to see where they lead.  Often there’s nothing of interest at the end and a couple of kilometers on a gradually narrowing, potholed dirt track ends at the house of a bemused rubber farmer or fisherman who probably doesn’t get many visitors.  But one in a while you discover something pretty cool.

Last week I was in Klong Son valley at the north of the island and decided to follow a rough, rocky track I hadn’t gone up before.  This lead uphill.   There were no signs by the track but some shrubs and bushes had been planted alongside – so I assumed it lead up to a house.  After a few hundred metres there was a fork.  The left hand fork went another 100 metres to a small ramshackle house – so probably not the reason why the track was built.

 The left hand fork was overgrown a little and steeper.  It kept on climbing onto the hillside.  Another few hundred metres further on I go to another fork.  This time the right hand fork just led 50 metres to a dead end on the hillside.  There would be great views from here as I could see the sea through the trees.  The left hand fork led another 100 metres to a clearing.  There was some debris from building work and directly in front a tall man made wall with water cascading over the top.  By the left hand side of the wall were some steps.

At the top of the steps there’s a large pool which has been tiled and is separated into three smaller pools.  It’s fed by a small waterfall just above it.   A serene spot surrounded by jungle.  But, just as I was thinking that this would be a great place to cool off, a 2 metre long snake swam by, so I thought better of it.


  • There is water. But resorts will have to bring it in by truck during the dry months – Feb – April / May. The guy who told you probably didn’t want to pay to have water delivered. :-)

  • I have found it. On my last day here on Ko Chang. It is very nice, just one problem, that there was no water. There was one Thai guy, he told me, that water will come in three months. So I guess there are some perks to visit island off season.

  • The track leading there is very overgrown now. Go towards the waterfall. About 100 metres before you reach the river there’s a collapsed building on the left. The track starts near it.

  • Hello Ian , we’ve been trying for around 3 hours to find that beautiful place could you please give us some more details how to get there. Thanks already now

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