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A Quick Look Around Salakphet

Salakphet Koh Chang

Salakphet Koh Chang

January and February have been far busier than normal, so I haven’t had time to get out and about to take photos and as as much content to the site as I’d have liked.  Usually when I had a plan to something came along and the plan was scrapped.  Or I’ve gone out but then had to return to iamkohchang HQ as someone had shown up to see me or guests had arrived unexpectedly early.

There were a few things I wanted to go and take a look at down in Salakphet area.  But, true to form, first of all my camera packed up and died and then I got a message to return home, so just had time for a quick look around. So just a few photos from my phone.  The new pier in Salakphet looks very shiny and unused.  But what will it look like in a year’s time?  Maintenance isn’t a strong point of the local government.  And by ‘not a strongpoint‘ I mean is a totally alien concept.  A good example being the nearby walkway through the mangroves.  Which was built, then never maintained.  Then rebuilt a couple of years ago.  And again never maintained.  So now the boards are breaking and coming loose and it’s going to need rebuilding again.   But it is worth a detour.  Take the road on the left immediately after Salakphet temple and follow the signs for the ‘Board Walk’.

There are some good views to be had from the pier.  No need to park at the entrance, you can ride your scooter all the way to the lighthouse at the end of the pier.  No-one really knows why the buildings have been built at the entrance to the pier.  They look very nice.  But you’ll notice the only useful feature, the public toilets, are locked.

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