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White Sand Beach at Night

A walk along White Sand beach Koh Chang at night

The New Year period is the busiest time of year on Koh Chang, as it is everywhere in Thailand.  I get quite a few emails from people asking me how it compares to beach resorts on other islands.  Is it really packed? Is it too busy?

The answer is ‘No’.  White Sand beach is the busiest beach on the island and although the central area, where resort guests cluster to tan themselves, can get pretty crowded, that doesn’t mean it’s unpleasant.  Not like some of the photos you see of beaches in Samui, Phuket, Pattaya etc which resemble penguin colonies.

So here are a few photos taken at night on 1 January on the main road and on the beach. A nice atmosphere with a lot of families out eating at the beach restaurants and the streetfood stalls on the main road doing a roaring trade.  ( If you want to make money from a foodstall, a banana roti stand would be my tip.  They’re coining it in as most restaurants don’t offer anything appetizing dessert. )

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