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White Sand Beach Photos – October 2014

White Sand Beach photo

White Sand Beach photo

I took a walk around White Sand beach yesterday to take a few photos and see what’s changed since last high season.  Good news is that the beach is much tidier – the army have had a crackdown on deckchairs and sun-loungers, so you won’t see as many out on the sand no.  This is an improvement – it’ll be interesting to see if it lasts into High Season. There’s quite a lot of new development going on near the south end of the beach.  The old bungalows are being phased out and new resorts with two floors and hotel rooms going up in their place. This is great for business owners – they can pack more people into a small area of land and make far more money.  But it means that within a few years the beach will no doubt be lined with concrete blocks and it’ll resemble Samui.

So the new development is great for people who like this sort of thing and just want a beach, AC room, pool and everything they need within 5 minutes walk.  But it’s also and even better news for the resorts elsewhere who will now have more demand for bungalow style accommodation by the beach from people who value their space.

Baan Thai is now called DuTalay and is a three floor concrete block.  Kacha Resort is building their own huge concrete block by the beach  – expect sunbed wars to break out as guests fight for the prime spots overlooking the beach.  Both Bamboo and Apple Bungalows are totally transformed into hotel style accommodation.


  • Hi Ian.
    Do You know the name of the new hotel, built on Bamboo ground?
    (The three wing hotel on your pictures)
    Greetings Carl.
    (Coming and stay 6 weeks from Christmas)

  • Thanks, our favorite lunch joint on WSB, one of the few places where you can get SPICY food (well, maylamean is not that bad either). I was afraid that they were squatters and were removed by the army.

  • Hi
    Do you happen to know if the small restaurant at the far north end of White Sand is still there?

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