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Wandering Along White Sand Beach

KC Grande Resort, Koh Chang

First the good stuff.   These pics take you from the far southern end of White Sand beach up to the far north at White Sand Beach Resort.   To walk this takes around 30 minutes.   You will find the nicest sand at the far north of the beach but if a cold beer and a day spent on a sun-lounger is your thing then the central stretch will suit you fine.   These photos were taken at low tide in late April.   In High Season, from November – March it is much rarer to get very low tides during the daytime.   So, if a wide stretch of beach s your priority then April & May are good times to visit the island.

In case you were thinking that I have gone all soft and am only showing the best bits, take a look at a few photos of the open drain that runs onto the beach.   Full of garbage, stinking and had a child playing in the run off on the beach.   The child was half Thai, half Western.   His Dad was at a nearby beach restaurant, happily chatting and ignoring his kid who was knee deep in god knows what. So, if you do go to White Sand beach, you might want to avoid the stretch close to this beach access which lies between KC Grande & Yakah Bungalows and head further north to a much cleaner sand.

Signs proclaiming how green and eco-friendly the island is etc have gone up all over the place recently.   Yet if the authorities cant get a 30 metre long stretch of walkway & open drain on the island’s busiest beach cleaned regularly then there isn’t much hope for the ‘Greening of Koh Chang’ as a whole.   Visitors have been complaining about the open drain for a long time, nothing has ever been done.   Nearby business owners don’t seem to care either, if they did you would have thought they would just send a couple of staff to at least pull out all the plastic bags & old bottles once in a while.

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  • i guess there’s garbage problems in most beaches around the world.In Goa too it’s a similar situation.

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