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Coming Soon . . . Resolution Resort,Bangbao

Resolution Resort Ko Chang

The peninsula in the far south of Koh Chang, has been developed at a rapid pace.   In the space of a few years narrow plots of land have been bought and developed on land that slopes down a steep hillside to a narrow beach below.   A couple of new resorts are almost complete and look set to open within the coming months.   One is the Bhuvarin Resort, which from what I have seen looks a bit more the kind of Thai families will go for a karaoke party by the sea.   But the hilltop reception area does have a great view.   The other is the   more tastefully designed, Resolution Resort, which I will post some pics of as I think it could be a good place to stay for people wanting to get away from it all for a few days.

It looks like there are a dozen or so rooms, four in each of the two blocks closest to the sea and additional rooms in two, what look like houses further back on the hillside. Right by the sea is a lovely little pool with great views across the bay and there is a small , rough sand, beach.   However, this isn’t a great spot for swimming, too many stones underfoot.

The main downside will be the remote location – it is a bit of a trek to get out and about or catch a   pick up truck taxi, 20 minute walk along a dirt track that hugs the hillside.   And one steep section on the dirt track itself isn’t much fun on a scooter.   Hopefully Resolution Resort owners will price their rooms accordingly when it opens, to take the lack of beach and ‘off the beaten track’ location into account.   If not I think they may have a hard time filling them.

( I just wandered in to take these photos as other than a few builders, there was no-one around to get any info from.)

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  • Well, Pity this resort is even allowed to advertise on Agoda for the unsuspecting tourist!
    Myself and two friends spent 7 hours trying to locate the place and after exhausting all avenues of appeal to anyone who may know in the locality, who all told us they had never heard of it or it didn’t exist and we weren’t helped by the fact they have no contact phone number we gave up and booked another 3 rooms at another resort.
    I am extremely annoyed this place is even allowed to operate through Agoda and have lodged a complaint and sought a refund, which has subsequently been refused and told they would keep my booking for 3 rooms open for a year! They will be lucky to be in business that long if this is any experience to go by.

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