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What If You Built a Resort And Nobody Came?

kooncharaburi resort

Since opening   a couple of years ago Koonchanaburi Resort on the east coast of Koh Chang has always amazed me.   It’s in   a lovely, quiet location and accommodation comprises spacious rooms and villas.   Really, it should be a well marketed getaway for the well heeled who want to relax away from the masses.   Yet is it usually virtually empty by all accounts even during High Season.

It’s low season now, so you wouldn’t expect any resort to be bustling.   But you would expect to see some signs of activity. I wandered around for about 15 minutes when I was taking these photos and the only sign of life was a single scooter parked at the bottom of the staris leading to reception. In the distance i could hear someone having a phone conversation.   Outside the staff accommodation there was also another scooter and an old pick up truck parked.   But   other than that, not a single sign of life.

(The resort is officially called ‘Kooncharaburi Resort and Sailing Club’, but to my mind two kayaks and a single Hobie doesnt equate to a sailing club, so I have used the shortened name.)


  • Stephen, that was exactly what I learned in Koh Chang, too: When I visited Zion’s Place (Long Beach), I got to know some of the people staying there. At first they were raving about the peace and silence over there, three days later I met them at White Beach really enjoying it…

  • This place looks really nice but if I am not mistaken I recall that a common guest comment on the Agoda site was ” that it is not in town” and “too far from town”. Which just goes to show that even though people like peace and quiet they also want to mix with other people and have things happening around them.
    If you just want to read a book and veg out then it could be a nice spot for a few days for those who really enjoy their own company.

  • The bungalows at the far south east are owned by a large Thai company that owns a lot of land and several resorts and large businesses on Koh Chang. See this Photo Gallery for some photos I took and also a few of Koh Ngam – the island nearby. The resort has been due to open for a couple of years but so far nothing has been announced.

  • I have been to Koh Chang in August and I saw this place while I drove to Long Beach. One day I decided to have a look. I went there and except a 50+ French guy with a 30- Thai girl in the pool there was only staff cleaning the beach. No one there.

    But there is one place that is even scarier. If you make the way to Long Beach there is a pretty luxurious bungalow-village hidden on the east side of the bay. I marked it here. If you can find out something about that, I finally could sleep better ;-)

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