The Beaches

Pearl Beach From The Sea

A few photos of Pearl Beach as seen from the sea.   This is the stretch of coastline that lies between White Sand beach and Klong Prao beach on the west coast of Koh Chang. As you will see, there aren’t many resorts on this stretch of coastline and with the exception being the large ‘Koh Chang Resortel’ which isn’t in the photo above.   On this pic, but mostly obscured by trees, from left to right are Enjoy Resort, Paradise Palms, Penny’s Bungalows and Jane Chalet.     If you want a quiet place to stay, all are worth a look.   If you want sand, go elsewhere.

And if you’d like to stay at the brand new resort with the blue roofed bungalows . . . you can’t.   It’s a private resort for Thai navy top brass to relax at when on Koh Chang and you wont find it marked on any maps.

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