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The Far North of White Sand Beach

A few photos taken at the far north of White Sand beach.   To get here, from the main beach you can ride your scooter up the hill and then down the access road to White Sand beach Resort which has to be the steepest road on the island.   Opposite the access road is a small shrine to a spirit who by the looks of things has Chinese ancestry. Alternatively, go on foot – not up the hill but along the beach. Head past the point at Rock Sand Resort and continue onto White Sand beach Resort and walk to the end.   Then turn around and you’ll get some great views along the coast.

White Sand Beach Resort has a very long beach frontage and   it has got to be the nicest ‘private’ beach on the island.   It’s a world away from the over developed mess that is the main WSB area.   Right at the far northern tip, past the last of the bungalows you’ll find a small bar and restaurant.   Very basic but a laid back place for lunch or a sunset beer . Only 15 -20 minutes walk from the   busy area, yet somewhere that most visitors staying on White Sand beach won’t make an effort to see.   It’s their loss.


  • I intend to stay at white sand beach resort, but I don´t like ducks..What´s that,you describe about ducks?

  • Nice! Just got back from two weeks at Koh Chang, and WSB north of Rock Sand’s really is a great spot. Watch out for the guarding ducks that patrols the beach by the restaurant at night :-)

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