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Lonely Beach Extravaganza 2010

On 11 December Siam Sound System, with support from Siam Beach Resort, held Koh Chang’s biggest party by the beach. The ‘Koh Chang Extravaganza’. DJs played from 6am until sunrise and the event was headlined by 2 Good Souls from the Ministry of Sound in London.

In addition to DJs there were fireshows, which drew a large crowd to watch drunk tourists burning themselves by jumping over a flaming rope. Plus some pimped out pick-up trucks from the guys at ‘The Very Loud Neon Lit Speakers Club of Thailand‘ complete with girls from the ‘Girls Who Dance On Top of Very Loud Neon Lit Speakers Club of Thailand‘.

Free transport was laid on, although it wasn’t always apparent which of the pick up truck taxis were free – as only seven of the seventy on the island were – and so many people had to pay to get down to Lonely Beach. The free taxis did have   large banners on the side – but many people assumed all taxis were free. Entry fee was 300 Baht which included the traditional bucket of alcohol that no self respecting Thai beach party attendee could be seen without. Asahi seemed to be offloading their beer stock here too, which made a pleasant change from the usual Thai beers on offer at most events.

I didn’t stay too late but one of our guests stuck it out until 6am and from what I could gather he had a great time. In a day or two when he sobers up and rises from the dead I’ll probably get more details.

In the early hours, in true festival tradition the heavens opened and it rained heavily. This was the first rain for a couple of weeks and it turned the place into a mudbath.

Profits from the event will all go to supporting schools on Koh Chang. See you there next year.


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