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Koh Chang . . .Zombie Apolcalypse, Coup or Low Season?

Lonely beach

Having been hunkered down in my bunker awaiting the all clear after the coup, I emerged to find that Koh Chang was deserted.  Was this a result of people being frightened off by the coup? Had there been a zombie apocalypse I hadn’t heard about? Or was it simply low season?

These photos were all taken a few days ago as I went on a hunt for the ‘Lesser Spotted Koh Chang Tourist’  – surely they must have been hiding out on one of the island’s beaches.  But as you can see, apparently they weren’t.

Some of the larger resorts are down to 10% occupancy and I know of one which gets rave reviews which only had one of it’s luxury bungalows occupied last week.  Walk along the beach and you see rows of sunloungers devoid of towels with sun umbrellas folded up.

Kai Bae was free of speedo wearing Russian tour groups.  Lonely beach was lonely for the first time in years.  You could even count the visitors on White Sand beach.  I even had a wander along Bangbao pier as that’s always popular with visitors – but not at the moment.

June is always one of the quietest months on the island but it does seem much quieter than normal this year, probably coup related with people worrying about being hit by a stray bullet or run over by a tank.  Both of which are very unlikely. A 00:00 – 04:00 curfew is still in place but you won’t see any soldiers anywhere on the island. And if you can’t get drunk by midnight then you are doing something wrong.  So that shouldn’t be a reason for putting anyone off visiting.

If you enjoy deserted beaches, now’s as good a time to visit as any.  The weather is very changeable now.  You never know how the day will pan out when you get up in the morning.  So if you have sunshine, make the most of it.  By the same token, if it’s grey and wet at 9am, don’t write the day off.  By lunchtime the sun will usually be shining.

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  • Hey Ian. Just spent a few hours today reading your guides while trying to figure out what to do tomorrow with the family. We arrived on this magical island on monday and first thought we were not going to make it over as the boats had been reported to not cross to the island while the wind was so strong.
    When we finally arrived we were lucky and got over while the rain had a short break.
    This is my third time in Thailand but my first time here and this far south.
    I love traveling and used to backpack a lot when i was younger. This time im here with wife and 3 kids, so the Journey thus far has been modtly about known sites and shopping!
    While this is ok for a few days i grow restless quite fast. I resd your guides snd would just love to put on a hat fill my bag with water, a snack and start exploring!
    However i realize that will be difficult with the kids etc;)
    Weather this week has ss you say been really upredictable. Today was perfect and became our day at the beach.
    tomorrow id like for us to make s trip somewhere though and if you have any suggestions plesse let me know. We have been to Bang bao, rode elephants and went to plu waterfall, which they really liked even if our 4 yesr old wss quite tired when we got home;)
    / cheers Martin.

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