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Klong Son Photos – 2019

Klong Son fishing village 2019

Klong Son is the village in the north of the island near the ferry piers.  Most visitors to the island will pass through it as they head to the beaches on the west coast.

However it is a very pleasant area to explore and has a vibrant fishing community plus inland valley which is well worth taking time to visit.  It’s quiet with not many visible signs of tourism on the main road. It’s also an area of contrasts. By the beach is the large Siam Royal Bay development, with some million dollar homes.  In their marina are some awesome yachts. Yet just a few hundred metres away on the pier most homes are in a state of disrepair and the locals still eke out a living fishing. 

If you want to explore the area by bicycle and get a glimpse into the life of the local inhabitants, take a ‘slow life cycling tour‘. 

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