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Klong Son Koh Chang

Between the ferry piers and White Sand beach you will find the village of Klong Son.   You probably wont pay much attention to it when you arrive as it is a pretty nondescript type of place, you will pass by a builder’s merchant, 7-eleven, a couple of concrete mixing plants . . . . and they are the highlights.   The charms of Klong Son lie in the inland valley and also in the small fishing village which is about down a side road a minute’s drive from the 7-eleven.

The pier was a nice place.   Much smaller than Bangbao fishing village and with no real tourism, just families who still fish for a living and you could often see a dozen or more fishing boats moored at the end of the pier.   It was easy to see how the old houses could be fixed up, maybe made into restaurants or a centre for kayaking – that type of thing.   It still could and has changed very little during the past decade.

However, I doubt it will ever be a charming place to visit as someone in authority decided that what the pier needed was to be surrounded by less water – far better if hundreds of truckloads of landfill were brought in. On the plus side, it is now a far more practical place for anyone with a small boat i.e. the local families, to live and I imagine that it would be possible to moor private speedboats there for a much smaller fee than the proposed Siam Royal View marina close by.

A couple of photos taken before the landfill.

And now . . .

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