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Kai Bae at Night. The Village That Never Sleeps*.

Kai Bae village Koh Chang

* Disclaimer: It does.

I happened to be in Kai Bae last night so I took a few pics, just had time for a quick run round so no prize winning pics here.   This was around 9pm, so I probably missed all the wild and crazy nightlife. Either that or many bars really do have big problems getting significant numbers of customers.   These pics are in the central area of the village which is by far the busiest but even here it was quite easy to take a street view with not a tourist in sight.

Interesting to see the contrast in the way certain businesses are run. The only bar where the management seemed proactive in getting customers in was Mojito Lounge where a young Thai guy and girl where doing their best to drag passersby in (in a friendly manner).   In most other bars the staff were too busy playing pool, talking on phones or generally lounging around to be bothered with any passing trade. Busy restaurants included Friend Seafood, Mak Mak,O2, Nid’s – the ‘no name’ cheap place just south of O2.

I was going to take some around the Walking Street area at the south of Kai Bae, which recently had another Grand Opening, it seems to have one annually, but apart from the Russian ‘pirate-ski’ pub, the place was deserted and I already had my quota of empty bar pics for the night.

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