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Things to Do: Discover Wai Chaek Beach

beautiful deserted beach on koh chang

Way down on the southern coast of Koh Chang is a lovely half moon beach called ‘Wai Chaek’. Eventually, once the road between Bangbao and Salakphet is restarted and the road completed, it will be relatively easy to visit this beach and it’s sure to be ruined. The first steps on trashing it have already begun when last year one of the tour boat companies ran weekly beach parties for Russians here.

The first attempt at building a road between Bangbao and Salakphet was called off a few years ago and back then you could easily drive a car along the recently laid, single lane tarmac road from the Salakphet end of the road to a point close to Wai Chaek. from where there was a dirt track that ran through   grassland. The first time I went there was in an old Nissan Sunny, a car not known for it’s offroad abilities. However, since then the road has deteriorated in quite a few places and I wouldn’t advise trying to get to the beach in a vehicle unless it was a 4×4 that you didn’t mind getting a bit scratched by undergrowth and tree branches.

But you can still get there by scooter. I used my old Yamaha Mio – it’s the sort of bike you’ll rent if you visit Koh Chang. It is a bit tricky in places, especially the river crossing and its muddy bank, but it’s a fun ride and you’ll be rewarded by some great views. ( I visited early October, but but High Season the small river will just be a stony riverbed and there shouldn’t be any mud.) The main thing to remember is not to break down or run out of petrol here, as there is no mobile phone signal, no passing traffic – other than the odd rubber tapper or coconut picker – and you wouldn’t be able to push a bike up the hills.   Needless to say there are no shops of any kind here, so bring drinking water with you.


  • You can go there by 4WD or scooter from Salakphet. I’ve done a couple of other more recent posts on Wai Chaek but as far as getting there goes, nothing has changed. But you can’t walk from Bangbao, you wont be able to find a trail. It might be possible if you can find a local who knows a route , but impossible on your own. You would get lost.

  • Hi,

    I see you wrote this a few years ago, though nothing has really changed it’s still impossible to go there with a car. i’m staying in Bang Bao and am ththinking about walking there , how long do you think it would take me ?
    thank you very much for your reply!

  • I haven’t been there for a couple of months, but the south of Koh Chang had a lot less rain than the north recently. I am sure there will have been more small landslides on the Long Beach road as that happens every rainy season. Unless it is repaired properly in the next couple of years I think parts of it will slide into the sea.

  • I too early gave up on this road and missed this beach on my mission to visit every beach on Koh Chang. Too bad.

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