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Blessings From the Godfather – at Lonely Beach

Lonely beach Sprits

Lonely beach Sprits

In Klong Son, there’s a Chinese style temple.  The original settlers on Koh Chang were Chinese sailors and until around 100 years ago there was a Customs office in Dan Mai village that dealt with Chinese merchants who were sailing past on their way to ports on the east coast of Thailand.  The temple isn’t Buddhist, it’s for the spirits that watch over Koh Chang – the island’s Godfather and Godmother.  Locals and business owners make donations to the temple in return for earning the favour of the gods and ensuring a good harvest, bumper catch of fish or ample supply of  tourists to their business.

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This week the spirits human representatives have been going around receiving offerings of food and then blessing local businesses.  At it’s Chinese there’s lots of firecrackers involved.  A few photos of them out and about in Lonely Beach earlier this week . . .

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