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Bangbao’s Beach Bars

Think Bangbao and you automatically think of the dive shops,souvenir junk, seafood restaurants and local idiots on scooter riding down the narrow pier expecting everyone else to leap out of the way & stand precariously close to the water so that they can pass unhindered.

But there is more to the area than that – thankfully. To the east of Bangbao , under 1Km away lies the very scenic Klong Kloi Beach. It is a tad touristy now and no longer a little haven away from it all – but that’s progress, not much I can do about it. Down here you will find that there are a couple of good options for eating and drinking, and drinking, and drinking, followed by more drinking. Yep,it is definitely popular with Russians.

The first, and busiest, of the beach bars is simply called ‘The Beach’ deckchairs on the beach, umbrellas, all the drinks you want or need.   A bit bland & corporate perhaps as it is obviously a business rather than a lifestyle for the owner.

If you want something a bit more in the Thai reggae bear bar mold, then the smaller ‘Zion bar’ a hundred metres further on.   Smaller, but a bit more character and with the usual deckchairs on the beach for guests to lounge in.

There are also a couple of restaurants which don’t fall into my classification of a beach bar, so will be mentioned another time when I am desperate for content.

However before you reach this beach you will see, out of the corner of your eye as you whizz past on your rental scooter, a couple of signs for bars on a much smaller strip of sand.     These are more of the hippie hideaway type of bars that you imagine yourself stumbling across on a Thai island. Ramshackle shacks with homemade furniture and decor, not a lot of gloss or sophistication and   with a few tables and laid back music.   Where the the sound of the waves lapping on the shore is all but drowned out by the rusty whirring of an blender, as your fruitshake is prepared.   If the main beach is too busy or touristic then try one of the bars here.   Here you will see ‘Ma Fla’ Bar, ‘Jambe House’ and another very nice place whose sign I forgot to take a photo of and whose name I can’t now remember, which I realise isn’t ideal when you are writing a guide for visitors.   But it is in a few pics below.




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