Aerial Photos

Koh Chang From Above : Klong Prao Resort & Chai Chet Resort

Klong Prao Resort

Klong Prao Resort

A new series beginning today of aerial photos taken from my ‘Koh Chang Drone’ .  I’m still learning to fly and control it properly at the moment, so these are just some initial photos from , I think, my ninth and tenth ever flights, which were earlier today.  I’ll also start to add some videos.  But photos for now.

No real reason for choosing Klong Prao Resort and Chai Chet Resort, other than they’re close to home and there were clearings where I could easily take off from nearby.  The sky is quite hazy at the moment which is why the backgrounds seem faded and the sky doesn’t look too blue.

If you’ve got any requests for locations on Koh Chang  you’d like to see from the air – let me know.


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