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Stuck in the Flood

koh chang rainy season floodsThis 30-second video made me smile.

A guy here on holiday had the misfortune to be driving on the island on 16 July in his   swish Audi A6, the day of the heaviest rain of the year so far.   The misfortune was compounded by the fact that he drove through centre of Kai Bae, one of the most flood prone areas, which turns into a river after a hour’s heavy rain.

If you knew this in advance you would slow down a little before ploughing into the water.   He didn’t.   ( The ‘Oh fuck’ comes at 18 seconds and and the ‘Oh shit . . . . stalled’ at 24 seconds. )


  • LOL – classic. It’s funny because that’s what I think will happen every time I go through one of those flooded streets, only so far it never did…

  • Been in Kai Bae area in the Rain. It’s nuts how quick the place floods. All good fun though. Cost of fixing the car ranges fron 300 to 20000 !! Bit like the weather

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