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A Guide to Landing a Plane on Koh Chang

Just in case you ever happen to be flying your microlight plane to Koh Chang and suddenly realise you don’t know what to expect when it comes to landing.

This video shows you what to look out for when coming into land on Koh Chang’s 400 metre long airstrip, located in Klong Prao village.   All a pilot needs to do is dodge hillsides, telecoms mast, power lines, main road and make sure to miss the small river at the start of the runway.   Fortunately, taking off is a much less stressful affair.



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  • Landing on the ultralight strip seems to be about the same as Vashon Island, Washington or some of the San Juan Islands of Washington’s Salish Sea. Stay alert and be aware of how slow you can safely fly your airplane. Note that the aircraft in the video is one that is remarkable for its short-fleld capabilities.

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