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Koh Chang Biogas Pilot Project on TV

biogas koh changOK so it is on Thai TV which means you won’t understand what is going on.   It also means that the annoying voice over and use of every single effect in the video editor’s software program will do your head in.   But stick with it and you can get an idea of what the biogas project involves and, as a bonus, you’ll also see how an omelet is made.

Basically it involves restaurants using all their biodegradable waste to make methane gas which can then be used in the kitchens.   The problem was always finding a simple, safe way to collect the gas from the decomposing waste matter. But it turns out that a few valves, bits of readily available water pipe and some large containers are all you really need.

This video shows the demonstration unit at Grand Orchid Resort in Klong Son but a dozen or so other hotels and restaurants also have the trial biogas units.

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