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‘Right Here Waiting’ on Koh Chang

One for all the Richard Marx fans out there.

So you head to Thailand, you visit Koh Chang and manage to avoid groups of Thais and karaoke machines entirely.   You think you are safe, then you take a trip on a small snorkelling boat and you’re a captive audience.

For your listening pleasure, here is a forgettable acapella version of everyone’s favourite soft rock ballad ‘Right Here Waiting For You‘.   The whistling solo at the end is surprisingly good though.


  • On Southwest of Koh Chang there is only snorkelling in the cove at Cliff Cottage in Bangbao – not off the beach. Ideally go on a snorkelling trip if you want to see a lot of fish and get the clearest water.

  • Hey really enjoying this site on koh Chang. Just wondering you mention some clear white sandy beaches to snorkel on on the sw end. Are these just accessible off the beach? Thinking about renting some snorkel gear but don’t want to hit a tour, suggestions?

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