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Academy Fantasia Winners Visit Koh Chang

On 9-11 July winners of the past   7 series of Academy Fantasia held a mini-concert for   a select group of fans   who were bussed in from Bangkok to the Amari Emerald Cove on Koh Chang for the occasion.

What you mean you don’t know what ‘Academy Fantasia’ is?   Only the biggest reality show in Thailand where each week contestants battle it out in song and the fattest, ugliest or even, as happened recently, the one who posts anti-government comments on his Facebook page,gets kicked off.   Leaving a clean cut clone as the overall winner.

We did make   a last minute attempt to get their people to agree to send one of the winners, who in Thailand are regarded as celebrities, to the charitable ‘Music Buddies Children’s Day’ that was taking place on the island at the same time. I thought that could have been some good publicity for all involved. But as you can see from these videos the AF superstars had more important things to do with their time during the weekend than taking an hour to provide some inspiration for kids, namely playing strange games.


But also have a look at this video for cross dressing, a spartan and man size blue rabbit

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