Nightlife Vids

The People of Koh Chang (in Bars)

A five minute photo montage of what you can look forward to if you venture into Koh Chang’s bars. Two of the many highlights are in the photo on the left.

In general, if you too would like to be featured in a similar video there are a couple of guidelines you need to follow.   If you’re a bloke you’ll want to get a few tattoos and work on your “Look . . . I’m a bit mad, me” poses for the camera and if you’re female you’ll need to be young,   Thai and ideally have a thing for middle aged western guys with a few tattoos who have perfected their   “Look . . . I’m a bit mad, me” poses for the camera.

(Strange but true . . . Western women don’t go into bars in Thailand . . . ever.   There is no photographic evidence to disprove this fact on the internet.   Or maybe it’s just western guys don’t take photos of them.)

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