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The Koh Chang Cocktail Van

A special request from Heinrich who visited Koh Chang in December and took this video of the White Sand beach cocktail van.  These are a common sight in busier areas such as Pattaya, but this is the only one here on Koh Chang.

I’ve tried the cocktails and it’s definitely worth a stop on your way home from dinner.  You’ll find the van, actually a VW Bulli T2 Transporter Bus,  parked every night on the main road, close to Kacha Resort in the centre of White Sand beach.


  • It’s not on Koh Chang anymore. Authorizes clamped down on mobile bars.

    I’ve seen a lot of cocktail vans in Chiang Mai in the past. If they aren’t there now, that might also be due to a crackdown.

  • Would the owner of the cocktail van be interested in a business venture? I would love to set 1 or two of these up in Chiang Mai.

  • Hi Ian,
    Thanks for posting this link !
    In December the van was parking every evening (or night) next to the optical center on the main road. The make really good cocktails ! Hope this is a nice information for the visitors of your website. :-)


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