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British Tourist Drowns in Hotel Pool on Koh Chang. How the Thai & UK Reports Differ

koh-chang-news-logoBritish Tourist Drowns in Hotel Pool.

A British tourist drowned in the pool of Sofia Garden Resort, Koh Chang early morning on 16 May.  That much people know.  It was probably a tragic accident.

But if so, then it’s odd that reports of key events differ so much.  The only thing that’s certain is that the death won’t really be investigated properly.  That very rarely happens in Thailand.

The Bangkok Post on 17 May:

Indirect quote from the Koh Chang police:

The officer quoted Mr Brown as saying that he had an argument with Turner around 9 or 10pm that night and went to bed. A staff member alerted him about the drowning in the morning. Pol Lt Auraungkoon said hotel employees saw the couple having a fierce quarrel on their room balcony before both went inside. 

The Daily Mirror and other UK papers on 18 May

Direct quote from the deceased’s husband:

“We went to bed early because we were tired. We went to bed at 10pm cuddling and next thing I know I’m getting a bang on the door from the owner.  I thought she had gone for a walk and had fallen asleep on a sun lounger and he couldn’t wake her up. I went outside and thought ‘Oh my God’ – my whole world dropped. I don’t want to say what I saw. It’s just too hard at the moment.”



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