Reservoir to be Built on Koh Chang

News articles from Koh Chang islandThe Nation, 8 February 2018

The Irrigation Department will build a reservoir across a canal on tourist-destination Koh Chang in Trat to tackle its water shortage.

Irrigation Department director general Dr Thongplaew Kongchan said the Cabinet approved the reservoir construction during its retreat in Chanthaburi on Tuesday. The construction of a reservoir across Klong Prao was proposed by the department to tackle water shortage during the dry seaon. He said the water from the reservoir could be used to irrigate 1,780 rai of farm land on the island and would be enough to produce tap water for the next 20 years to meet the demand of 13,000 local residents and 1.3 million tourists.

During the Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha instructed the department to speed up the construction. The department was instructed to hold a meeting with the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry on the island on Wednesday to consider the use of forest area for the reservoir construction.

Good news.  Although I’ve no idea what a reservoir across a canal would look like. 

However, this was previously announced in 2004.  Nothing happened. And in 2009 plans were finalised and displayed for the public at Klong Prao temple. And nothing happened. 


  • They’re just water holes dug by locals to sell water to resorts. The reservoir that is planned is a proper size, with a dam, not just a large hole in the ground.

  • At Klong Prao if you walk down past one of the elephant camps for 1km or so, there are 2 big reservoirs there already, are they privately owned?

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